Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea

Serious coffee from Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea.
>> our next guests have ben roasting and brewing coffee for 25 years. four locations right here in connecticut, but they have custers in all 50 states who buy roasted coffee and whole leaf tea through mrail order. joing me jonow is bob wili amsi and barry levine had who say they are quality and freshness fan fanatics. thank you for comithng to ther th show. >> thank you. >> tel l me about how you got involved in roasting coffee, how it all began. take us from the very beginning. e >> it begane in 1984, we st warted looking for a bokusiness that wew could have control over the product that weprt produced. we wanted towe produce a product that we felt represented the best of st specialty cofe.o so in order to do that, it necessitated roasting, we pg,ut an in-store roaster in our first store and opened the door and, you know, learned as much as we could and that’s a process that goes on to



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