Williamsburg Festival

williamsburg festival
with the virginia arts festival in williamsburg. >> we are here at the williamsburg lodge. we have a lot of stuff to talk about. we’re going to talk about the food. there’ll be a three-course meal. >> course one, we have a fennel and clam chowder. i have a little bit of an urban pesto here. it is outstanding. >> tell me a little bit about what it tasted like. >> this is a tarragon town, creamy, salty, rich. >> sounds wonderful. let’s go to course number two. >> i have an atlantic flounder. it is served with a roasted corn polenta. if you do not like fish, we have a slow cooked braised beef cannelloni. while the rest — wild mushrooms. >> and i understand that if you do not want to — you still have the full menu available. let’s talk about the desert. that is the last course. >> i had a — custard, whipped cream. >> who does not like that? i want to move to the wind with wisdom. >> this



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