Wild Thyme – Tomato And Herb Butter Cod 9-25

Wild Thyme – Tomato and Herb Butter Cod 9-25
c1 3 back to midday kentucky everyone. i’m in the kitchen with ms. allison davis. allison davis: hello. speaker 1: what are we doing today, ms. allison? allison davis: well, it’s a full dinner, but i am focusing in a little more on the keto diet. speaker 1: okay. allison davis: have you heard of the keto? speaker 1: i’ve heard of the keto diet, but i don’t know what it is, honestly. allison davis: so, ketogenic is i think, if you even look at the most googled word in terms of food right now, ketogenic is really hot. i’ve studied this. i’ve done classes on this last year and we are going to have some coming up in the fall as well, just focusing in on ketogenic cooking, but really it’s all about no sugars, no carbs, and higher fat, which is a whole philosophy on how you use fat to burn fat. your body uses the good fat for energy versus sugar or glucose, which is what we’ve always gotten as



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