Wild Thyme – Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup 10-12

Wild Thyme – Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup 10-12
c1 3 kentucky. we are in the kitchen with miss allison davis. we’ve been working on soups this week. we’ve had french onion. we’ve had butternut squash soup. we’ve had all kinds of wonderful, wonderful soups. allison davis: well thank you. speaker 1: what’s the last one? i hate to have the last one of the week because i’ve loved it so much. allison davis: well actually i did save the best for last- speaker 1: oh cool. allison davis: because this is one of my absolute favorite soups. i think i’ve had this, you may have seen this before. this is one of those as soon as these flavors come together, it’s ready. it doesn’t have to sit and simmer and cook for days to build. speaker 1: oh good. allison davis: it’s just the combination of the flavors. this is a thai coconut chicken soup. speaker 1: oh yeah. allison davis: i love bringing in some of those asian flavors and some spice, and some ot



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