Wild Thyme – Salad Skewers 8-22

Wild Thyme – Salad Skewers 8-22
c1 3 for our kids, and things that are easy, that are fun for the kids, healthy. what do you have for us today, allison? allison davis: we are doing, again, healthy lunches for back to school. this is more or less like salad skewers, is kind of the way that i am going to title these. basically, we’re doing a play on the antipasti salad. speaker 1: nice. allison davis: then we’re going to do a blt salad. speaker 1: yum. allison davis: but we’re going to make them like skewers, because i think kids really just, again, it’s all about how it appeals to their senses, their sense of taste, touch, and then how it looks. if it looks yummy, i think that’s what makes lunchables so attractive to kids, is the packaging. speaker 1: exactly. allison davis: they’re all in their little compartments, and it looks super cute. speaker 1: well, it looks yummy to me, and appetizing. allison davis: we’re goin



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