Wild Thyme – Roasted Tomato Soup 9-21

Wild Thyme – Roasted Tomato Soup 9-21
c1 3 speaker 1: welcome back to midday kentucky, everyone. i am in the kitchen with miss allison davis. allison davis: hello. speaker 1: and we are working on fall foods this week. allison davis: we are, and i am trying to find a way to use up our last bit of basil in the garden. speaker 1: oh, yes. allison davis: of course, the weather’s changing. it’s getting cooler at night, so your basil’s one of your first herbs that’ll start to turn on you and start to go. speaker 1: good advice, so maybe get to it. allison davis: so, we’re making a tomato basil soup. why not? i mean, on these rainy days that are here, unfortunately. with the cool breeze, this is the perfect thing. and you serve this up with a grilled cheese and your family is happy and comforted. speaker 1: oh, it just sounds great. i feel comforted right now. allison davis: right? so, what i’m doing is, i’m just kind of cutting u



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