Wild Thyme – Jalapeno Cheese Grits 8-11

Wild Thyme – Jalapeno Cheese Grits 8-11
the kitchen with miss alison davis and what do you have for us now? i smell bacon cooking over here and it’s just … so dreamy. i love bacon. alison davis: it smells really good in here. i always wish that our viewers had smell-o- vision. speaker 1: i know, seriously. alison davis: we have some local bacon and i have to say this browning’s bacon, right here, is so good. it’s a browning’s country bacon- speaker 1: nice. alison davis: … and i think you can only find it at good foods co-op. speaker 1: okay. alison davis: but it is such a good bacon and i get their country ham for our country and biscuits that we do with a lot of our catering- speaker 1: wow. alison davis: … and it really is so yummy. we’re making grits, we’re not making bacon, but we’re making grits. speaker 1: we got sidetracked. alison davis: i like to start with a little bacon, i like to start seasoning my pan, whic



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