Wild Thyme – Fresh Tomato Salad With Herb Dressing 7-13

Wild Thyme – Fresh Tomato Salad with Herb Dressing 7-13
c1 3 miss alison davis here at wild time, how you doing? alison davis: you look pretty in pink. speaker 1: well, thank you, and you look pretty in green. alison davis: well, it’s our color. speaker 1: i know, hey, we’re a rainbow around here. okay, so what do you have c1 3 for us today? we’re doing healthy, we’re doing garden fresh type recipes. alison davis: i always try to stay somewhat healthy. unless i’m just going all out, like that chili mac we made a while back. speaker 1: that was so good. alison davis: but yes, this whole week, we’re focusing in on farm to table, farmers’ market produce, what’s in season, and how to prepare it. we’re going back to the tomatoes because, again, we are in tomato season. speaker 1: absolutely. alison davis: we’ve got beautiful heirloom tomato options at the farmers’ market now. this is one of my favorite salads. this is an herbed tomato salad, it’s



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