Wild Thyme – French Onion Soup 10-11

Wild Thyme – French Onion Soup 10-11
c1 3 davis and we are working on soups this week, it’s been fantastic. allison davis: i know she’s so fun. speaker 1: love it. i love doing soups. allison davis: and it is such a good time a year. speaker 1: it is. allison davis: it just smells so good, it makes your house just feel warm. speaker 1: it does everybody loves this time. allison davis: the kitchen is the hearth of the home. speaker 1: it is. allison davis: and it really when you’re making soups it just feels like it’s even cozier. your little spot in your home. all right so today we’re making a french onion soup. really i just kind of have to talk about the onions because it’s such a simple soup to make, but the onions are kind of the key ingredient. so i want to kind of show you here what is the first stage. this was about three onions believe it or not. speaker 1: is it really? allison davis: yeah three onions that were ju



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