Wild Thyme – Date Truffles

Wild Thyme – Date Truffles
your sweet tooth w c1 3 allison davis: aw, thanks. troy: do you like how i said, “one of our good chefs?” you’re our only chef. okay, now you are making dates? or are they figs? allison davis: these are dates. troy: dates. allison davis: yeah, and- troy: well, what are we making? allison davis: we are going to make almost like a little truffle, but it is like a macaroon, as far as flavors, which with the coconut and dates, so but these are- troy: ooh, sounds sweet. allison davis: again, gluten-free. they are sweet, but it’s a good, healthy sweet. troy: right. allison davis: dates are a wonderful substitute for sugar in deserts, and smoothies. you name it. it’s so sweet. troy: yeah, i like dates. allison davis: they’re so yummy. troy: love them. allison davis: i want to prep them. these are medjool dates, and- troy: are there different types of dates? allison davis: there are different ty



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