Wild Thyme – Cous Cous Salad

Wild Thyme – Cous Cous Salad
c1 3 speaker 1: welcome back to midday kentucky. we are in the kitchen with miss allison davis. what do you got for us today miss allison? allison davis: another no-cook. speaker 1: all right, yes. troy knows i’m happy about this too. allison davis: yeah, so this week again we’re just trying to give you some good, easy, quick things that you can fix at home with it being back to school or just a busy work week, so these are some minimal-cook, i should say, on this one. speaker 1: okay. allison davis: but this is a couscous kind of salad with some dried cherries. it just gives me kind of the sense of fall again with some of the flavors. speaker 1: right, yum. looks too delicious. allison davis: but you do have to cook your couscous, but you can already have it done and in the refrigerator, so this is something you could prep ahead and just have. speaker 1: okay. i’ve never had this before



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