Wild Thyme – Clean And Green Smoothie 5-18

Wild Thyme – Clean and Green Smoothie 5-18
cooking up on myself by c1 3 davis. speaker 2: hi. how are you? speaker 1: how are you doing, alison? and we are going to be doing a smoothie? a green drink? what is this that we’re doing today? speaker 2: this i call a clean and green. i always hear about parents and moms making smoothies for their kids, and i even try to do that at home sometimes. that can be really time consuming … speaker 1: it is. speaker 2: … trying to … do you do that? speaker 1: i do. i make them for me. my kids don’t care for them at this point. but, yeah, it’s hard. speaker 2: trying to cut all that up and make it in the morning can be very time consuming. speaker 1: it is. speaker 2: so, i wanted to talk about ways that you can prep out … your smoothie prep, in a advance, and just have that frozen. speaker 1: all right. speaker 2: so, that’s what we’ve done. we’re going to do clean and green, but you c



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