Wild Thyme – Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches With Ricotta 7-14

Wild Thyme – Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches with Ricotta 7-14
c1 3 allison davis and it looks like we’re making something with some peaches. allison davis: mm-hmm . speaker 1: allison davis: speaker 1: did you rehearse that? allison davis: no, i just really like peaches. speaker 1: okay. allison davis: no, we’re doing grilled peaches. so this is like a simple, fast, beautiful summer dessert that doesn’t get enough glory, i don’t think. speaker 1: i’m sure it does. allison davis: right, because who doesn’t love a good peach? speaker 1: well i don’t think i’ve ever had a grilled peach. allison davis: they are so fantastic grilled. i’ve actually- speaker 1: i’ve had stewed peaches and peach pie, peach cobbler. allison davis: which are all really loaded down with calories. speaker 1: are they? allison davis: this is probably a more healthy option. speaker 1: oh, please, you’ve got it full of sugar. allison davis: i did a little brown sugar on there, bu



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