Wild Thyme – Beet Brussel Sprout Salad 9-22

Wild Thyme – Beet Brussel Sprout Salad 9-22
c1 3 allison davis, and we are working on fall foods that are hardy, snuggly and warm inside. what do you have for us today? allison davis: i’m definitely using some fall produce with this one, but this is a beet and brussels sprout salad. we’ll call it a b&b. i’ve taken some brussels sprouts just with salt and pepper and roasted those in the oven, so they’re super nice and soft, and i’m just going to cut those in half. speaker 1: what do you roast them in? allison davis: you can cut them ahead of time if you wanted. just salt, pepper, olive oil. that’s the bulk of the salad is really just taking these beets and brussels sprouts and then we’re going to add a couple of other textures, like with some nuts and i like using dried cherries. speaker 1: nice. allison davis: we may also use … today, i’ve got some golden raisins. it’s really just, again, we’re talking about balance and flav



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