Wild Thyme – Basil Lime Mint Spring Cocktail 4-19

Wild Thyme – Basil Lime Mint Spring Cocktail 4-19
kitchen we can be making c1 3 of it we are not cooking, we are drinking today. allison davis: well, we still are cooking up something fierce, we’re just going to drink it. troy: okay. allison davis: so what i am doing is making some spring cocktails. summer’s around the corner, we’re going to be relaxing with friends on the patio, it’s just good weather. troy: got you. allison davis: so why not make a really good, fresh cocktail. troy: all right. so we’re making two today. allison davis: yes, i do have two. troy: so this is the first one. allison davis: so the first one i’m calling a bourbon strawberry mary sangria. troy: that’s a mouthful. allison davis: it is. the strawberry mary, comes in with the fact that we’ve made a strawberry puree, and a rosemary simple syrup. so simple syrup is just equal parts sugar and water, and then i infused it with some rosemary. so it’s got a little bit



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