Wild Thyme – Basil Apricot Chicken Salad 9-12

Wild Thyme – Basil Apricot Chicken Salad 9-12
c1 3 right here at wild thyme cooking. what do you have going on today, miss allison? allison davis: oh, i know i am speaking lisa’s language this week. she is not one to be slaving away in the kitchen. lisa: no, not at all. not at all. allison davis: this week we’re doing a lot of no- cook or minimally- cooking recipes. lisa: aww. allison davis: this is another no-cook recipe. lisa: thank you, allison. i appreciate that. allison davis: we’re all busy and sometimes … i mean i will admit it. my daughter had just a leftover pork chop and we had popcorn for dinner. lisa: oh, my gosh. allison davis: i mean we’ve all been there, and we all go through it, so i’m just trying to think of some different spins, different recipes that might still- lisa: i love it. allison davis: …ignite our palate. this one is no-cook. this a no-cook, so this is going to be a chicken salad, but kind of a play o



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