Wild Thyme – Back To School Burrito Bowl 8-23

Wild Thyme – Back to School Burrito Bowl 8-23
c1 3 speaker 1: welcome back to the midday kentucky. we are in the kitchen with ms. allison davis and we are- allison davis: whipping up something. speaker 1: we are whipping up something good. it smells great, too. what have we got? what are you having me do here? allison davis: all we were talking about some healthy, unique, creative way that we can send our kids to school with nutrient-packed lunches- speaker 1: nice. allison davis: -and we can feel like we can pat ourselves on the back as moms. it’s all about us, really. speaker 1: take pride, it really is. allison davis: it’s not about them. we are making today basically a play on a burrito bowl. speaker 1: okay. allison davis: i think kids love chipotle, first of all. speaker 1: yes. allison davis: burrito bowls are easy to make, again, and we’re always looking for ways that we can make these things ahead of time, the day before, p



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