Wild Thyme – Apple Berry Salsa With Cinnamon Chips 7-17

Wild Thyme – Apple Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips 7-17
right everyone kentucky, everyone. troy thompson here with allison davis over here at wild thyme cooking. what are we making today, my friend? allison davis: we are making- troy thompson: looks like a fruit and something. allison davis: honestly, this is a fantastic snack for kids, but it’s also just a play on a summer classic, which is chips and salsa. but we’re going to do baked cinnamon sugar chips with a fruit salsa, so we’re doing an apple berry salsa. yeah, it’s so good, and just a play on that classic, so something different. troy thompson: yeah, so it looks like i’m going to get to play here. allison davis: what you have is just flour tortillas. you can get them at the grocery store, just the whole flour tortillas in the package. troy thompson: i’m doing this? allison davis: yep, you can actually just toss them around, but we’re going to do a little cinnamon and sugar over those.



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