Wild Mushroom Strudel

Wild Mushroom Strudel
your story. go to hamptonroadshow.com and we will check back you. let’s get started on our recipe this morning. thank you for coming. you are an executive chef. many people go to your place for weddings. it is whetting week. you will make something that is — is whetting wheat. what we’re — tell us ” we’re making. ” wild mushroom strudel. we like to use domestic button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. >> where do oyster mushrooms come from? >> i think they are imported. >> not imported. >> we have fresh basil, garlic, lots of butter, lots of cream. some eggs. >> we have to make filling. >> all of the ingredients will be listed at the hamptonroadshow.com if you want to follow along. when i hear strudel, i think coffee cake. tell me about this dish. >> first we start with the butter. half a stick of butter. >> what temperature should to put butter — you said nice and hot. >> you do not wa



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