Wild Boar Cookoff

Wild Boar Cookoff
and tried it all. wild game took over oysterella’s on the causeway. let the cooking begin. “we do this every spring, it’s a good time for anyone who has got game in their freezer and clean it out for next fall.” the annual alabama wildlife federation’s wild game cook-off featured chefs from around our area. they competed in three different categories; game, fish, and fowl. peter cane is on the “deerslayers” team and they were competing with deer tostidos. “it’s deer meat with a dip and you eat it with chips.” and when asked if his team was going to win … “i don’t know … probably … yes! and although tonight was about fun, food, and fellowship, there was a underlying cause. “the awf was put together to basically make alabama aware what was going on, to support wildlife, from game, birds, and any wildlife in our state.” there were six judges tonight, and let me tell you the food was p



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