Wicked Kickin’ Chicken Cheescake

We’re cooking Buffalo Chicken Cheesecake with Wicked Kickin’ restaurant.
i a ilready have my pick up line. .it’s hi, i’m on t oelevision. >> well, we can pick up vince now, he’s in the kitchen. >> hey, we’re here in the kitchen with a guy who doesn’t cook in a restaurant, he’snt not some famous chef, he’s just someus s guy who likes to cook.k. >> that’s me. >> and his name is kevin mckeny a. >> that’s my could you m say en. s >> sean mckenna. sorry. >> wha t are yout cooking? >> we’re cooking wicked kickin’ cheese cake. >> what is wicked kickin’ cheese cake? >> it’s the opposite of a dessert cheese cake.ee it starts out like a typical cheese cake would but instead of adding sugar and fruit and chocolate and that stuff, we add all savory ingredients. and we have — we eat themhe warm, you have them as a member or an appetizers advertise — meal or an appetizer. >> so tell me exactly what’s going to go into this? >> wehrmachting b wuffaloacg sauce, which we mak



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