“Wicked” Business

“Wicked” business
2-thousand people are pouring out of the schuster center after getting a first look at the show that’s caused so much chatter. wicked’s opening night went smoothly inside the theather,e and out here, downtown businesses are getting their first taste of what the show with a massive following can offer them. i am jazzed, it’s exciting! i think it’s going to be amazing.. the wait to see the witches has finally come to an end. wicked takes the stage inside the schuster center. i’m super excited. i love all the music and everything so i’m hoping it’ )s going to be good. 9:37:32 as show-goers file into the the theater to see the tshow, downtown dayton business owners are seeing a green of their own…. my heart is that this is going to be restaurant e week three times over. at boston stoker, across from the schuster center on second street, the coffee will



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