Whole Stuffed Artichoke

We’re cooking Whole Stuffed Artichoke with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
out, foxprovidence.com. id >> let’s head over to the kitchen. pat africa is cooking. >> all right, with a couple of fools on april fools day, jeff john granata from camille’s and the easter bunny, joe zito. >> if you aspire to be a rhode island state police officer, don’t introduce yourself to colonel doritory with these on it, it’s not going to work, but he is a nice gentleman, i’ll tell you that. >> i’ve seen your picture in the post office. >> my lifelong dream ison gone. >> >> we’ve got peeps, artichokes, all sort of easter themed stuff.uf >> all right.ll we are not going to stuff the artichokes with the peeps. >> the peeps actually taste better like two yebears of after ft you get them. t >> anyway, we’re going to stuoff the artichokes today. we’ll show’l you in the firstst segment how to peel, get rid of the spiny things ongs here, cut them and stuff them, and the last thing we’re



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