Whole Foods Providing Tasty, Local Ingredients

Looking for an easy meal for the hectic holiday evenings? We found one that’s fresh and local.
As always at foxalprovidence.com.nnThanks, looking for an easy meal for the hectic holiday evenings, we found one that’s fresh and local. The university whole food knows that with the holidays approachingap and food gatherings marking all of our calendars, easy recipes forpe the in-between nights are important. Market ing team leader isad nice enough to show me a sally kiddki sad recipe for the nights at home in between parties withit a local twist. Whole foods works hard to carry local new england vendors and farmers in order to support thrdeo community and ensureur the freshest products forct customers. Rhode island vendors are thankful for this.kf.nnNow you have get a g chance to t sit here and sheample the product, they can see it on the shelves and nowan n etc. More brand m recognition.nnWith a little more pep in my step, bonnie and i are ready to begin selecting saladg items.nnMy a



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