White Powder Causes Scare At Kirtland

A delivery of a container of cake mix to Kirtland Air Force Base prompted base officials to cordon off 300 yards around the base’s mail receiving area this morning while officials attempted to determine what the white powder was. nnnBase officials called in a hazardous material squad and the FBI to help determine what the powder was shortly before 10:00. The media was told about 11:15 that the powder is cake mix.
story other than the weather at midday– a suspicious “white powder substance” has been discovered at kirtland air force base. and that has officials taking precautions. austin reed is live from the base with the new developments. austin? according to air- force officials… the package was found just before 10 this morning here on the base, and at the mail loading dock. take a look at some viewer photos that we just received. as you can see fire, the hazmat team, and the f-b-i on hand trying to figure out what exactly the powder is. the investigation is expected to take another couple of hours. officials have roped off an area of close t300 yards away from the building where the powder was found. no word yet on any other evacuations or if there are any injuries. air-force officials say they’lhave an update later this afternoon. for now, we’re live from kirtland air force base, southeast



Found Country:US