Whipping Up Egg Whites

A great summer treat! Meringue and strawberries. Start off with egg whites and sugar.
>> anchor: we’re in the good day cafe with mariy rappaport this morning. >> this is my favorite thing to have for the summer and the nice thing is you can make them, like today, like to make them on a beautiful day when there is no humidity in the air. they’re mir angshells and fill them with delicious strawberries and then the cream englaze but to begin we have to make the meringue and to start off you need egg whites. >> anchor: how many? >> these are 3 egg whites in here and for every egg white you need a quarter cup of sugar. it makes a lot so don’t get 97s about it. separate the egg whites when they’re cold and let them come to room temperature and they’ll do better. put in a fourth of a teaspoon of cream of tartar and it helps them stay cool. >> don’t add it all at once? >> a table spoon at a time just like this. and whip it at a high speed. and what happens is it gets very, very t



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