What’s Your Problem? Learn About Norfolk Through Food

What’s Your Problem? Learn about Norfolk through food
can see the change. thanks for buzzing in. >> trying to learn more about this wonderful area. get an education through food. >> went on japan nor — one entrepreneur helps out. we have a solution for those looking for good food and a good story. >> if you are learning in interested about the hidden gems, take a walk and bring a fork with you. we’re talking about a food store. this concept was started with a visiting local restaurants. how are you? tell me about the store. >> — tell me about this tour. >> the idea was to bring out the hidden gems. >> the main event is the food. people should come hungry when they come on the stortour. >> bring an appetite. it will account for your lunch and dinner. in my neck hundred. it might not come until 9:00 p.m. that evening. >> this is over here at city dock restaurant. what we have — what do we have? >> should crab soup. and — shoe crab soup. a



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