What’s For Dinner? Let These Recipe Generator Sites Help You

There are websites out there that can do all the work for you… short of baking that casserole!
it’s all after “the view” on abc15. if you have not decided what to make for dinner tonight, do not worry, do not stress, not that you were but in case you were there are websites out there that will do all the work for you short of baking the casserole or sticking the chicken on the grill. she joins us to talk about a couple of recipe generators she found online. it’s funny how we came up with it. >> i didn’t know what to make for dinner and i said i have chicken, brown rice, span itch and mush — spinach, mushrooms. >> this is called supercook.com and that’s exactly what you do. i’ve got a can of tomatoes, you name random things and you can put it in here. we did yours. spinach, rice, onion and what else do you have this. >> chicken stock and so we put those four random things in here. well right now you can only make three recipes so let’s put mushroom. >> you really keep going down t



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