What’s For Dinner?

Tired of tossing food that goes bad in the fridge? New Web sites will help you create tasty, healthy meals.
center reminds you they always need donations. >>> you would not throw cash in the trash. most people throw away 15 percent of the groceries they buy. courtney tells about dinner solutions. >>> we found great resources about how to cook at home with what is in the frij. >>> i am not organized enough to plan everything a week in advance. >>> she is exactly the kind of person several new cooking web sites are designed for. she can log on, input the ingredients she has in the house and she will be fed several options. >>> recipes will pop up. or it will tell you what recipes are close. >>> there are super cook dot com. >>> recipe batcher. they use search engines to find recipes from all over the web. super cook, if you open an account. >>> they keep track of what you have in your kitchen and make custom suggestions on what you should buy. >>> all recipes dot com lets you exclude ingredients



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