“What’s Eating You”?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…but why? Best-selling author and E! Television host Keri Glassman joined Shawn to talk about some nutritious and awesome ways to wake up in the morning.
>>> how to start the day right. it’s a question especially on mondays when we waking up from the weekend. i’m still waking up from thursday. nationally renowned nutrition expert keri glassman joins us with tips including starting with a healthy breakfast. i have heard it time and time again. >> but are you doing it? are you starting your day with breakfast? >> i haven’t even had a glass of water. water. >> that is the not good. you have to get fueled in the morning. >> shawn: this is why you’re here. you’re a nationally renounced nutritionist and advocate for healthy eating. why is it so crucial to my health? >> it’s so crucial because when you’re sleeping your body is in a fasting mode. when you wake up, within an hour, hour and a half, you have to break the fast to improve your energy and cognition so you’ll be smarter at work and get your metabolism going so you’re burning calories. t



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