What’s Appening? – 8/22/17

What’s Appening? – 8/22/17
[?] >> kelly: whoever does our graphics, they do all kinds of things. >> jeremy: and the music makes you want to dance. >> kelly: this is an app we found for you guys today. it’s a free app. it pays people to show up at restaurants and places that need to have a lot of people. >> jeremy: this is crazy to me. the i did not know it was a thing. >> kelly: i didn’t either. we have to get in there and see what’s going on. it’s called circus. surkus. and it launched two years ago. members have attended 4,200 events for 720 clients, including big named brands, live ticketed shows, movie casting and hospitality groups. who has the time to do this? >> jeremy: yeah, students or people who want to go out, you can get paid to go out! >> kelly: that’s true. you download the app. they ask you to sign in with facebook. that’s what jeremy didn’t want to do. >> jeremy: i didn’t want, no. >> kelly: they p



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