What To Eat Before Exercise

What to eat before exercise
shows what to eat before working out in today’s getting fit. >>> i have a few great moves to add to your workout routine, but first what do you eat before a workout? chef kyle is not only a nutritionist and dietician, but give us some ideas what we should be eating before that workout. >> eat fods that won’t upset your stomach, that are easy to digest. like a baked potato. i think a sweet potato would be nice. a little different. you could add brocoli. you could have any array of foods like rice and beans. these republican gentle. >> maybe not high fat fods. >> that’s the last thing to digest. carbohydrates, then protein, then fat. you really want to make sure you have at least half your calories coming from carbs. then go to protein. >> very god. what about after my workout? >> again, replenishing what you’ve lost. replenishing carbs, a lean protein, low fat. something like chocolate mi



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