What Last Minute Items Do People Buy?

We check out the local grocery stores to see what people were picking up at the last minute.
from people skipping the scanners and most people started their thanksgiving with smooth sailing. 3 (elizabeth) it happens every year– you find out you forgot the gravy– or you need that one extra pie for unexpected guests. we checked out the local grocery stores today to see what people were picking up last minute. at consentino’s brookside market some of the top items were… “pumpkin pie, ccol whip, ice cream, cherry pei, pecan pie, and a bottle of wine.””mostly things for the bar.” brookside market says they haven’t had a huge rush today– more a steady stream of people getting last minute items. here are some store hours for tomorrow in case you forgot the cranberry sauce: consentino’s is open frmo 6 until one. price chopper is



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