What’s YOUR Family’s Lunchtime Challenge?

Chef and Mom Alex Guarnaschelli Offers Help in the KitchennMaking lunch is only one of the challenges parents face every day, but it is often one of the most dreaded. Preparing a lunch that tastes great and is also nutritious isn’t easy. The “What’s Your Lunchtime Challenge?” campaign is designed to help moms simplify lunchtime and their lives with tips and recipes from Alex Guarnaschelli and an online contest.
Today is a food day here on “the morning blend.” Making lunch is one of the challenges parents face on a daily basis. You don’t have to dread it. Listen to what chef and mom alex has to say. Good morning, alex.nnGood morning. I’m glad you gave me both my titles chef and mom. I am here to talk about the dilemma of being a chef. I have to make a good lunch for my daughter because all eyes are on me. I have some great ideas that i’m cooking up. Some new to get away from your traditional sandwich. Mix-up driven fruits and vegetables, deli meats and cheeses. A great way to bring dynamic fun to the lunch. Kabobs, mixed with deli meats. Go to sara le deli page and see tips for dynamic ways to put the “l” For love back into lunchtime, bill. In adig we have a wheat your lunchtime challenge contest. We are going to select one grand prize winner from the 25 most popular entries. You send in a photo



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