Wet Whistle Wine Fest 2017

Wet Whistle Wine Fest 2017
to follow me on facebook and my blog@allisondairyland.com. >> lisa: we will be seeing you once a month or so.very nice. thank you. >>> wisconsin has a healthy wine industry. we are going to be doing our part to contribute this weekend. we are going to be stomping grapes at the wet whistle wine festival. >> lisa: brittany is getting a head start live in algoma. hopefully you have your shoes off and you are ready to go. >> brittany: i was listening. i am totally ready to go. we are excited. i’m here with doug who is community improvement of algoma. this is such a fun event. it’s really unique.people really get into this event. >> guest: we actually have loyalty coming to this event each and every year. so much so they dress up and have shirts designed just for this occasion in algoma this weekend. >> brittany: it goes back to wonderful program about community betterment. friday, we are ask



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