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Child Development Specialist Victoria Capin takes a look at the top ten ways to keep your kids academically fit over the summer.
>> don’t know what to do for mother’s day? > we don’t blame you. there are so many options to choose from. we found one to make your mom feel special. > joining us is award-winning chef amanda lindquist from azul. >> what are we making today? > today we are making a pesto crusted mahi mahi, one of our features on our mother’s day brunch. chef curtis is going to prepare the mahi mahi. >> let’s fit you right in here. >> let’s get this started. great. okay. can you tell us about your mother’s day brunch? >> our mother’s day brunch is this big spectacular. it’s in the arizona foyer which overlooks the catalina mountains. we have a huge spread, a carving station, omelette station, the chef will be up there making waffles a la carte and it’s going to be a great thing. if your family wants to come out, we’re doing a complimentary family photo with the background of the mountains. >> just what y



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