West Palm Beach Food And Wine Festival

Food and Wine festival in West Palm Beach
and wine festival has gone interactive. local chefs have been trying to prove to facebook fans that their culinary skills are worthy enough for the “grand chef throw-down” competition. newschannel 5’s mollie reynolds introduces us to the top contenders and the celebrity chef they’ll be going up against. < chefs roy villacrusis and jeremy hanlon.the two have been friends for about 5 years. villacrusis opened his first solo venture about a month ago. it’s an asian-fushion resturant tucked away in north palm beach.”this is my baby this is a dream come true.” chef hanlon, a personal chef, discovered his passion for cooking in college.”i had to make some extra bar money so i picked up a part time job at a local italian restaurant and just kind of fell in love with the pizza making and all the classic italian dishes.”next week, kitchen tempers could flare between these friends.



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