West Lafayette Looking For Grease

West Lafayette residents are encouraged to recycle their cooking grease.
includes several prior convictions for operating while intoxicated. >>> >> west lafayette is looking for grease. niccole caan shows us how the citowy will use it to make money and electricity. the digestors at the west lafayette wastewater utili hungry for grease. the plant wants to accept up to 50- thousand gallons of fats, oils and grease a week. ndthe city will have to haul that amount in, so the city council voted to lift the restriction to import certain types of waste generated outside the city. john dennis: “we’ll take any fats, any cooking oils specifically.ca not automotive oils.” the city will earn m oney on the grease brought into the city. west lafayette wilwel charge a fee to dispose of large amounts of fat s. the price pper gallon is still being decided. 9:49:32:00 david henderson utility director >>> >> west lafayette is looking for grease. niccole caanse shows us how the



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