Weight Watchers

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 73 million people in the U.S. are classified as obese, and yet more than 17 million households don’t have enough food for a healthy life. Weight Watchers is here to help us learn how to bridge the “selfishness” of health management and the selflessness of helping others, by teaming up with Three Square Food Bank. Heather Avila from Weight Watchers and Erica Thompson of Three Square joined Shawn to talk about their mission.
night. >> shawnby the way hint on e show, it’sote. hltife starts wherehat u eat. for som findi fd is hard enough. joining us, heather of weight watchers and erica thompson, 47-time visitor of the morning blend. erica is here with three square an you’rit weight watchs. 73 million people in the united states are considered obese. how is this possible and how can we change that? >> weight watchers is helping brid the gap by briing together the sell i selfishness of obesity and help to lose the weight with the food drive. >> shawn: tell me about what’s happened. >> i know at three square, one eight householdsre struling with hnger and seemr is hpg action month, a month long capableo raise awareness. we’re partnering with weight watchers. >> from septeero ocber 23rd, weig watchers is eouging members to donat a pound of food for every pound lost or planned to lose. i lost 70 pounds. >> shawn:



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