Week Recap

A recap of what The Rhode Show has been up to for the past week.
part of the week. we take a look back at all the fun we had. >> here’s a look at what we were up to in case you missed it. >> well, this is what my career has become. a preview of the circus that’s coming to providence. >> hold on. >> shawn is on vacation. it’s actually been in the city of sin. this morning he’s checking in. >> hey, shawn. good morning. >> how are you guys? good to see you. how about my big fat greek family. look at the size of that. >> that’s the sides of my happened. >> this thing should have a name. we’re going to name it vince. >> it’s vince. >> if our good friend rick, he’s on his hand-held camera right now, if he’ll pan to his right a little bit, we’ll get a shot of his lovely wife. there she is. and that’s his beautiful daughter. >> happy birthday. >> opa! >> we have a full house because it’s take your daughter to work day. >> let me give a little shot of this if



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