Wednesday’s Chat – Extra!

We read some of your TalkBack comments about Lindsay Lohan … Plus Jesse James gained custody of his daughter with first wife Janine Lindemulder … A local sub shop is letting patrons MARRY a sandwich … and “The Soup Nazi”‘s New York store is back in business!
? uh-oh ? ? we’re in trouble ?. >> perfect music for this. >> on “the morning blend” yesterday we asked for your feedback on lindsay lohan’s jail time and she has been hit with 90 days as you know, but is only expected to serve two weeks of her three-month sentence. >> wow, lucky. >> weighing in and saying celebrities always do what they please and get away with it. >> marie says you do the crime, you should do e time. celebrity celebrities are people too. >> and christine says she has already defied the court by not following the conditions of her probation. she now needs to serve the entire 90 days. you can continue the conversation by visiting us on our pagebook — >> facebook page. >> facebook page at vega >> facebook page at vegasmorningblend.com or head to our web site. she should go to jail for 90 days for showing up 8 minutes late. who — >> for every minute late. >> yes. > i am



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