Wednesday’s Chat!

Reggie Bush hands back his Heisman … It’s just about official, J-Lo is heading to American Idol as a judge … San Gennaro Feast has begun!
>> dao: it’s wednesday. my goodness. what awesome dog. you’re taking a live look outside on the surf at the monte carlo, comedian and actor gabriel iglesias will be in the studio tomorrow. >> shawn: he’s so funny. >> dao: he makes the funniest sounds. >> shawn: you’ll want to watch, funny guy. good morning, everybody. nfl star and heisman trophy winner reggie bush will not be able to see he’s a heisman trophy winner anymore. he handed it back amidst allegations he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while playing for ufc. the trust was close to making a decision to strip bush of his trophy. this is the first time the award has ever been forfeited and the trust must decide whether or not to give the award to vince young or to leave the vacancy. >> dao: some are saying he gave it back because the trust didn’t have the guts to rip it out of his hands so he did that for them.



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