Wedding Styles Of Connecticut Bridal Showcase

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pallo. thank you so much for being here. anthonys is just one of the restaurants taking part and you will have quite a deal for brides if they come to the show, how th ey can save up to 50% on a wedding. >> that is true. we can’t give it all away. you have to stop by our booth or call us and make an appointmentp to see anthonys but we will tell you how to save 50% off on a wedding. >> we will sigh there is a big wedding trend happening now so if you come to 9 show you will be able to tell them. what are we making today? >> we’re making risoto with white mushrooms so we will start with olive oil and throw in some garlic, chopped garlic, and some chopped scallionssc. >> i love risoto. so wild mushroom risoto. >> and some diced prichuto. >> are these popular dishes athe your wedding reception? >> this is out of the ordinary, people tend to get the same pasta they’ve seen at eother weddings



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