Website Of The Week

Do you know of a website that makes you laugh? How about one that saves you money? Let us know and maybe we’ll feature it as our Website of the Week!
>> welcome back, we are going to talk about our website of the week. it’s a new thing we started on the “morning blend.” we’re going a great time with it because we’re age to take a look at some of the weirdest websites there are and some helpful ones too. but today is a weird one. >> oh, who knew. there is a lot of weird stuff out there on the internet. in case you haven’t been out there. it is cake rex.com this. is another one of the websites where you can spend a whole lot of time looking. you do bake. >> not a whole cake as i’m a single person. i would eat it in a night but you do like to bake. >> do you end up with a cake wreck or a trophy cake? >> depends on if it’s from a box or not. it’s mostly crack wreck. if you try to do those where you stack the cakes those are really difficult. they can topple. >> i simple thighs with the cake reck. >> if you have made a cake rack a lot of w



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