Weber’s Way To Grill

Chef Jamie Purviance shows off the proper techniques for grilling steak.
>> oh, man, there’s nothing better than grilling!g! 4th of july weekend is like when everybody gets out therer and gets ready to grill. if you want to grill, you want to grill on a weber grill. we pulled a few strings. you’ve seen this mani a ll over your televisionv set,’se been on good m orning america.r >> great to be here. >> i couldn’t believe my notes, when i read you were coming here with a weber grill and we wouldw be grilling steak and thndis new book, “weber’s way to grill”, til you’re like the killer when it comes to griling. you’re the main man, right? >> you’ve been doing it a long time and i learned a few things and “weber’s w ay to d grill” is really all ofll my best techniques. there are overe 160 recipes but every one has a lot of technique involved and we show it in photos, step-by-step, liktee five or sixix photos fors efvery single recipe to do it right. on this 4th o



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