Waterman’s Makes Tuna Tacos & Orange Crush

Waterman’s makes tuna tacos & Orange Crush
do our best to get them on the air. >> we are in the chef from the — with the executive chef from waterman’s grill. welcome to the show. this is a great recipe. you have some great ingredients. >> we’re going to start off with a cream sauce and make a pineapple salsa. >> we will have the full recipe on tthehamptonroadsshow.com. >> we start with mayonnaise and yogurt. we have cayenne pepper and lime. colley and pepper works. >> what are these ingredients? >> these are for the salsa. we’re going to use tomatoes and diced onions. cilantro is very important. salt and pepper and fresh garlic. >> it really smells good. we are going to start with the habanero sauce. >> this is the yogurt, and just plain yogurt. we’re going to add the mayonnaise. 4 ounces of each. >> can i help you mix? >> if you like. we have some fresh dill. this is chopped caper. >> all right. those are the keepers. this is



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