Watch A Local Baking Competition Called ‘Teen Chef Pro’

Watch a local baking competition called ‘Teen Chef Pro’
works on midday. i’m so excited that show is moving to ur sister station. cw30 katie is sitting by me. jamie larson sitting by her producers and directors of the show teen chef pro. already won four emmy’s ladies. nominated for two for second season. and the third season kicks off on october 7th. right in studios our jaws dropped. >> look at those. tell people about the show. if they don’t know about teen chef pro. yeah, thank you. teen chef pro is in third see on utah cw30 which is incredibly inspiring. television series follows utah pro star program which basically teaches teens and high shools culinary skills they need. so we choose three mentor chefs to choose 12 students each to their individual teams. and then they compete with the students for a 4-year scholarship to one the most prestigious culinary universities in country. jamie why do you think people love this shore? >> drama.



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