Warning For Grillers

Cancer link with meat on the grill.
summer grilling season. but recent research linking grilled meat and pancreatic cancer could drop the caution flag on some folks’ summer grilling. experts say one reason for this cancer link is that the muscle proteins in beef, pork, chicken, even fish, can generate a cancer-causing reaction when they meet a hot grill. “all of these things are muscle proteins, and when we apply those high internal temperatures, it causes the proteins to break down and we actually can create a cancer forming substance, and that subance can cause some damage to our dna and our genetic material. and that can start that cancer development process.” there are simple steps grillers can take to lessen exposure: flip meats often, about once every minute use thinner cuts of meat. these cook faster, equaling less time on the grill reduce grilling time by first partially cooking meats in the microwave lining your g



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