Warm Winter Cocktail

kohler shows us how to make a hot shot pirate cocktail
to us from the american club in kohler. >> welcome to the immigrant winery bar. we’re going to be making a nice, warm cocktail for those long wisconsin winters. so we’re going to make the hotshot pirates, and what we’re going to do is take a built of this butter which has cinnamon and sugar. you can do this at home, however, you like. just a built of butter, mix in the sin muslim and suggest,er — cinnamon and sugar, however, you look. we’re going to add the kahlua hazel nuts, and they’ve got really nice comp bin nation with the kahlua style. a little bit of amaretto, and all these are going to be in equal parts. you want to get a good, solid amount of just about everything these have to offer. a little pirate rum as well as. this is going to spice up the drink a little bit. after, that we’re going to add this nice hot water. this is really going to melt down the butter a little bit, rea



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