Warm Coffee Cocktail

coffee drink for holiday
a warm, holiday cocktail. >> good morning amy. thank you, good morning to everybody else. today we’re going to make a coffee drink. we’re going to add a little bit of love and more fun to it than usual. first of all i have my coffee cup and coffee. i’m going to leave a little space. that’s where the fun comes in. a lot of you are familiar with kahluas and coffees, amarettos and coffees. these are typical drinks. we’re going to try something different. so i have a bottle of this apple pie liquor. you can find this in most fors. i am agoing to do about and ounce and a half of that, depending how your morning is going, you might want more, might want less. i’m going to add some spiced rum. you can use any spid rum you like. i’m going to do another ounce of that. i’m going to grab my stir stick. i’m going to stir that up a little bit. let’s see. yep. that tastes about right. now, my good fri



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